Gute Schauspieler, interessant, weckt Empathie mit den Betroffenen 
— Zuschauer nach „die Armen! – Aber bitte nicht hier!“ im Stadtmuseum in Siegburg

The Method

Forum Theater and Legislative Theater are emancipatory forms of theater. They were developed in the 1970s by Augusto Boal, a Brazilian theatre artist. Forum Theatre is being used worldwide as a way of raising awareness and promoting peace.

How does Forum Theatre work?

In several scenes, situations are presented in which the conflict is at the focal point. In each case, the play ends with a person’s failure in trying to defend his or her own interest.
The play’s presentation is followed by the Forum phase: The audience is invited to try out solutions and proposals in action for each conflict shown on stage. The actors will continue to operate as opponents, here.
They challenge the audience to confront the conflict and to not give up, but rather to keep searching for new alternatives. The audience may also take a moment preceding the scenes shown here, as start off points for their suggested solutions. It experiences the possible effects of each idea presented. New ideas are born or new perspectives open up. At the end, the audience has seen and tried out a whole scope of possible actions.

Participation / Legislative Theatre

Legislative Theatre has evolved out of the Forum Theatre: concrete proposals, aimed at institutions and facilities, are being written down by participants during the forum and are then forwarded to the responsible authorities (e.g. education authorities, aliens department etc.). In the evaluation following, volunteers and supporters
of inszene take care of and document the implementation of those proposals. They also supervise the discussions in the post-processing meetings. Inspired by the scenic discussions of theater forums, the dialogue within our society is encouraged to continue and positive impulses can be taken on and implemented.