Durch das Theater und die Workshops ist mir die Schule wichtiger geworden. 
— ein Schüler

The Idea

Forum Theatre inszene uses theater as an aesthetically powerful medium for raising social questions and providing impulses for change. With our Forum Theatre events, we invite the audience to express their views, form an opinion, try out solutions and contemplate a problem from all viewpoints. People, who play an underprivileged role in our society, are given a voice, so they can participate and collaborate. Based on the results of the theater forums, the intention is also, to establish new paths and connections between the policy makers and the people at the grass roots level, who are affected by these policies. We mobilize everyone to create a constructive dialog within our society.

With the current Forum Theater plays and activities, we ask the following - amongst other - questions:

  • How can young people, who find it difficult to achieve a vocational training after school, orientate themselves and find a path that suits them?
  • How can we deal with forced marriage - as classmates, friends, teachers, social workers or neighbors?
  • Where and how does bullying originate? What kinds of roles do we play in it and what can we do in our environment, to deal with each other in a positive way?
  • How can the various forms of child poverty be addressed?
  • How can integration be established in a practical way in different fields?

In the theater forums, the audience is the one, who develops the responses. Audiences include affected people, interest groups, associations, communities ... as well as participants of our trainings and workshops.

Do you have a topic? We stage scenes and moderate a scenic dialog that provokes a lot of creative impulses!